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Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc.

Dear Sir, this particular communication is aimed at confirming that Excalibur Engine Parts Company received all your mails in time. Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc.  Furthermore, Excalibur has considered your application for a rush order of 8000 pistons within the next two weeks. Indeed, Excalibur’s Series 2.1 Intensaflux (Class A) pistons are currently the best assets to trade with because their demand is high in the elite market.Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc. For this reason, I wish to ascertain that your request has been successfully approved. Similarly, all your concerns have been given utmost attention and will be addressed in this mail. Again, all the necessary arrangements for the commencement of the contract have been put in place and the process will begin as soon as this negotiation is concluded…………………..

Purchasing of Additional Pistons

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Certainly, Excalibur is seriously concerned about the durability of its supplies. Moreover, Excalibur has always aspired for the highest quality of its products. Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc. The company’s assurance policy maintains excellence by conducting random testing programs, so that any product that might be malfunctioning is detected. Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc. In such a case, any defective product is immediately replaced with a good unit.

However, Enix (2016) indicates that in production, there are few exceptional cases whereby, it is inevitable to find defective products due to human or technical errors evident during packaging. Excalibur tries its best to minimize such eventualities as much as possible…………………. Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc.

Notably, the idea of additional consignment has a number of advantages on purchaser’s side. Consider the fact that Intensaflux pistons are rapidly responding to the market demand, hence Knight will be risking nothing by stretching a bit to purchase an extra few pistons. Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc. Secondly, carrying a bigger consignment at once will be cutting transport expenses in the event that the purchaser considers getting back to the manufacturer for more goods. In reference to Synder (2013), extra consignment will also offer sufficient time to monitor the normal rate at which goods are selling, therefore allowing timeto make normal orders which are free of extra charges unlike impromptu orders. Excalibur Negotiations with Knight Engines Inc.Similarly, the more pistons bought in one order, the higher the discount (p.37)………………………..