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Amazon.com is one of the fastest growing business organizations. It is an American multinational company that mainly focus on   electronic commerce. The company focuses on online retail stores through its website www.amazon.com. Founded in 1994, the company has made great strides to become one of the largest online stores (Friendman, 2004). Over the years, the company has diversified from initial book stores to other areas like music stores, consumer electronics, and others.   Since 1998, the company has acquired different online stores   as a part of its product diversification strategy. To date, the main areas of specialization include online book store, internet movie database, online music retailing, e-commerce, eBook software, design clothing, photography, shoes, toys and games, and many others (Richard, 2011).   Diversification in business has been one of the growth strategies that have enabled Amazon.com to become a leading online retail store in the world today.