Drunk Driving


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In life, everyone makes mistakes but the most important lesson of life is that people learn from their mistakes.  Some people make more mistakes than others but this does not imply that they are lesser beings.  Mistakes are important base for lessons of life as they give use opportunities to learn from them and change the way we live or the way we do the same thing again. However, there are individuals who never draw any lesson from their mistakes and continue doing the same mistake over and over again, and mostly resulting to grave consequences.  This is the case of drunk driving.  Despite the awareness that has been created regarding the danger of drunk driving, it remains a huge problem in the society. Statistics shows that there have been rising cases of drunk driving especially among the repeat offenders (Tayolor 26). Individuals continuously drink and drive as if not perturbed by their actions and the danger posed not only to them but to the whole society at large.  Although underage drunk driving is a huge problem, the fact is that the legal system should target repeat offenders because they pose danger to the whole society and they seem not to have learned from their mistakes. Drunk driving comes with grave consequences. For example in the story “For one more day” written by Mitch Albom, Charlie Benetto, who is the main character suffers due to drunk driving. He ends up loosing his wife Posey and his lovely daughter Maria.