Dragons Paper Case | Nine Dragons Case Study


(Individual/Group) Practical and Written Assessment

Case Study – Nine Dragon Paper and the 2009 Credit Crisis

Assessment Task– Practical and Written Assessment

Weighting: 30%

Assessment Task

This assessment item allows you to research and apply international finance concepts to a given case study.

You may undertake the assignment individually or in a group of no more than three students. If you submit in a group, please note that only one submission is needed. A cover page, indicating the group members’ details, should be attached with the submission.

Question to Answer:

Please note the following mini-case study from your prescribed textbook:

Chapter 1, page 37-44 – Nine Dragons Paper and the 2009 Credit Crisis.

Then answer the following questions (please note that these questions are not all exactly the same as the ones indicated on Page 44):


What are the beliefs of Mrs. Cheung in respect to developing and expanding the business?


What globalization issues do you think are present in the case study? How MNE-s may cope with these issues?


Discuss from the perspectives of an existing shareholder, a potential investor, and an analyst how the NDP’s financial position will be viewed (given the information in the case study).

Your task is to answer the above questions in the form of a report, along with an executive summary and an introduction and a conclusion.

You are highly encouraged to research relevant topics using the CQUniversity’s library resources and web search engines. And, you may include spreadsheets, diagrams, tables, graphs, data, statistics and references to support your analysis.

Correct and proper referencing is essential.

For FINC20023, the recommended word range is 1500 words.

Please ensure that your response is close to the recommended word range -too brief or too verbose responses may incur penalties during grading. Please indicate the number of words (including Executive summary, introduction, Q1-3, conclusion; excluding bibliography) on the cover page.The marking criteria is as follows:

Mini Case

Total Marks

Nine Dragons Paper and the 2009 Credit Crisis

Questions – As Above

Executive Summary


Brief Introduction


Question 1 (as above)


Question 2 (as above)


Question 3 (as above)




Referencing, diagrams, tables and spreadsheets, word limit (i.e., Overall Report)


Total Marks


Grand Total 60 marks converted to a weighting of 30%

All assignments must be submitted online through Moodle and (preferably) using MS-Word format.

The following will be considered in the judgement of response to the above questions:

1. Knowledge and Understanding the topic and questions

2. Research Skills

3. Effective Communication Skills

4. Evaluation Skills


Nine Dragons Paper (NDP) is the leading cardboard manufacturer in China and the world in general. The company was started in 1994 and has grown to become one of the largest manufacturing companies in China. The company’s CEO, chairperson and founder Mrs. Cheung has successfully guided the company to the top using a strategy which can described as grow at whatever costs. However, in 2009, NDP’s debt levels were too high while the margins were declining. This led to the company’s share prices to decrease leading to panic in the market as majority of people believed that Mrs. Cheung was leading the company towards a wrong direction. This paper examines some of the events that took place in 2009 in NDP.