Don’t Laugh at Me


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The song ‘Don’t Laugh at Me’ by Mark Wills is an inspirational lyric unveiling on how children and teenagers with disabilities experience discrimination in their social lives. One of the major themes revealed in this song is unfairness where children who have some disabilities are sidelined in social activities. This is clearly reflected when Wills (1998, p 1) says “I’m that kid on every playground who is always chosen last…” Another prevalent theme in this song is equity, where the author advocates for equal treatment of all beings since the creator is the same. Throughout this song, the author focuses on the various difficulties experienced by children and teenagers with disabilities. With reference to my own experience in my school, many children with learning difficulties were largely sidelined by the teachers by being not included in regular social activities, especially in cases where video shooting was involved. Precisely, such children were considered as inferior and worthless to be included in social activities.