Dome Project


The purpose of this report is to record and discuss the whole process of the Dome Project conducted by a group of 2 or 3 members. The project involved the design, construction, and test phase of a paper-made dome of which the height should be at least 15 centimeters and the base should be constructed roughly circular and hollow. According to the requirements, 6 sheets of newspaper and a roll of masking tape are demanded during construction with no other materials permitted. Finally, to succeed the project, the dome was supposed to load the weight of at least 450 grams for over 30 seconds during the test phase. This report will totally cover 4 sections to introduce the design phase, construction methods, results of the test, and discussion with conclusion of the paper-made dome.


For the dome to support enough weight in the specified time, it should be designed with a high loading capacity. This was a challenge that required the group to divide the tasks, each member taking up a specific task. Dividing the task allowed for specialization, in addition to saving time and resources.  One group member was responsible for researching force and structure, another for designing and experimenting with different dome prototypes, and another was trusted with doing the calculations. Considering that triangle shape has more structural stability, the group decided to that the structure should be composed entirely of triangles. After gathering the resources, the self-embracing framework of the geodesic dome led the group to begin to design the framework.In consideration of cascading pressure distribution, the group initially designed a prototype which was a modified version of a Two Frequency Geodesic Dome.