Does Man Exist in the World Alone? Evidence of Alien Life


Project Outline

This study is in the areas of creative writing. The focus of the study is on the existence of alien life in the world as evidenced by various unexplainable objects like the Pyramids and others that could not have been developed by human beings in their current status. The central argument os the study is that the existence of these objects that do not align with the known knowledge of human beings at that time explains possible existence of aliens, and man himself could be an alien from outer space. The study will be published in journals like the International Journal of Astrobiology, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Journal of Astrobiology & Outreach, and others.



Title: Conference Standard Presentation

Type: Presentation – technical or professional
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3
Due Date: 
2 Jan 19 17:00
Weight: 30%
Marked out of: 100
Task Description: 

You will be required to deliver a 10-15 minute presentation (plus 5 minutes question time) at the standard required by academic conferences. This will include the preparation, use and submission of a Power Point presentation. All students enrolled in the course will present in week 8. Separate times and venues will be organised for Nathan and Gold Coast students if required.

A written item of 1500 words plus powerpoint to be emailed to course covenor by one week after presentation.

Criteria & Marking: 

Presentations will be marked on the basis of content and delivery, including:

– Ability to explain the project to a non-specialist audience (NB significant weighting will be given to this criterion)

– Appropriateness of introduction including explanation of the topic

– Provision of relevant background information – Identification of key literature and positioning of the topic within this literature – Explanation and appropriate use of theory (if relevant)

– Explanation and appropriate use of methodology (if relevant)

– Discussion of main findings/argument – Appropriate presentation of conclusion

– Effective use of visual aids (specifically PowerPoint) – Effective engagement with audience, including eye contact, gestures and non-verbal communication – Effectiveness and professionalism of delivery, including confidence and appropriate use of notes.

– Relevance of presentation to proposed final written assignment

Submission: Email attachment to course convenor

This assessment item:

  • is a school based activity
  • is an individual activity
  • does not include a self assessment activity
  • does not have a re-attempt provision










Title: Essay (or equivalent)

Type: Assignment – Research-based Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 4
Due Date: 
8 Feb 19 17:00
Weight: 60%
Marked out of: 100
Task Description: 

You will be required to select an academic journal relevant to your chosen topic and prepare an article to the standards and requirements of the journal. The article should be approximately 5000 words.

Criteria & Marking: 

Marks will be allocated on the basis of:

– the suitability of the topic for the journal;

– the extent to which the requirements of the journal have been followed;

– the quality of the literature review;

– the quality of research and analysis;

– the appropriateness of research methodology;

– the quality of structure, argument and writing of the article;

– the overall extent to which the article is suitable for publication (within the parameters of the course)

Submission: Determined between student and supervisor.

This assessment item:

  • is a school based activity
  • is an individual activity
  • does not include a self assessment activity
  • does not have a resubmission provision





The research topic


Writing a short story about how human exist in this world, is there have alien creature to create human to exist in this world, show the proof that there have alien exist in the world, use the hypothesis to proof there were have alien power to help human to build the current world, example of Egyptian pyramids, Atlantis, and other historical site that could not be possibly to be explain today. Does human really from evolution? why human not evolution for those couple thousand years?


Use those hypotheses to make a story that human actually from the universe outside the earth, or 20 thousand years ago, there were have intelligent creatures exist in the earth, and then extinction for some reason.