Does Humanity Believe in God Because of Fear


-Dont give personal opinion
-Be more analytical and
-Try to understand what sociology tells about religion
-What explains the link between humanity and God? Fear
-You can give credit to Marx or Freud on being a strong believer in contrast to strong believers in God.
-Analyze the different sides of the argument
-Refer to Freud, Nietzsche, Marx, and Duckhein (they are atheist)


The perception that is held by most people is that God is sovereign and he rules over the mankind. There is a strong belief that all the creations are ruled by God and they should therefore adore, honor and worship him. The above ideas are not something that we can decide to do or not but God demands that we must do them because He rightfully deserves worship, honor, respect and adoration. They are many explanations that are used to explain the link between God who is supreme and mankind which is inferior to God. There is a strong perception by Christians that faith links us most to God since faith, believes in something we don’t see (Kierkegaard and Hannay, 2002).