Documentary Review / Read Instructions

View three documentaries that deal with diversity as one of their core issues. You may use a documentary of your choice (Netflix and Hulu have some good options), or any that are found on the sites listed below. YOU MAY NOT REVIEW A MAINSTREAM FILM OR MOVIE.

In order to obtain full marks your paper should have TWO sections to it, but should be ONE paper. The films must not be commercial box office ‘hits’, but should be lesser-known and/or cultural documentaries. The assignment must be presented in APA format, double spaced, and should speak precisely to all elements of the questions asked.


Section One (60 points)

Write a 1-2 page synopsis for ONE of the documentaries that you watched and, in particular your reactions to it.
1. How did it make you feel?
2. Why did you feel that way?
3. What questions are you left with? etc.

Section Two (65 points)

Write a 1-2 page comparison of the three documentaries.
1. How does each deal with the issue of diversity?
2. What are the strengths & weaknesses of each film?


APA Guidelines (5 points)

Documentary sites:



NOTE: These sites are NOT being recommended to you nor have any of the documentaries been screened in any way. This list is simply provided as a list of possibilities that might help you find the documentaries that you are seeking.


Fascination is a documentary that explores the “modern diversity”. It is a collection of Fascination Series, which include discovery journeys to some interesting places in the world. The core of this documentary is on diversity in the world.   The documentary  is more like a tourist guide that takes you  to beautiful cities like California, France, United Arabs Emirates, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, Tuscany, Italy, Thailand, Florida, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Nepal, New England, Portugal, Hawaii, Finland, Ireland, Andalusia, South Africa, China, Cuba, Argentina, and Norway. After a film journey through all these cities,   one is fascinated by the beauty and diversity of modern cities.