Research paper on DNA. Please answer the following questions.
1.Why would you need to know about this topic?
2.Organize and summarize the material you find. Write a summary in your own words, citing each source when you use it.
3. Which source is the most valid and why?
4. What conclusions can you draw from your information? How can this information help you as a patient, consumer, and/or voter?
Be sure to use your own words.

One source must be the book:
Concepts in Biology, Thirteenth Edition by Enger, Ross and Bailey.(Chapter/Part III) The others you will need to find.


DNA is one of the areas in biology that is quite promising. It has been postulated that DNA could provide solution for most mysteries of life especially in genetic engineering, court evidence and many other areas.  DNA forms the bases of life and it could be used to solve many issues in life as well. It is a nucleic acid which contains the main genetic material or instructions which forms the base for development and functioning of living organisms. It is a long term store of information which means it does not change with age, and it is on this base that it is used for forensic information. One of the most interesting areas in study of DNA is how it has been used as evidence in crime. In the recent, DNA evidence has been used to exonerate people who were wrongly convicted and at the same time bring criminal behind bars who had been running free. Most criminal justice organizations like FBI and others are increasingly relying on DNA evidence to prosecute suspects in law courts. DNA is slowly replacing earlier forensic evidences like fingerprints to convict criminals and eliminate persons as suspects. This is the issue I would like to know about DNA. I want to know how DNA is used to support evidence in court, the extent to which it has been applied in courts, and the future of DNA in forensics.