Distribution of iPhone 5 in Saudi Arabia


Table of contents
-Cover page
-Table of contents
-Excutive summary
-Mission statement
-Vision statement
-Demographics of neighbourhood
-SWOTT analysis
-Life cycle and the BCG matrix
-Public relations
-Research Methodology
– Primary data analysis
Interviewing questions
Questionnaire results
Bally,s total fitness questionnaire results
Spectrum questionnaire results
Gold,s gym questionnaire results
Shapes and curves research proposal
Curves Castroville questionnaire results
Curves San Antonio questionnaire results
Interviews results
Women,s fitness center Julie,s interview
Gold,s gym,steve,s interview
Various gym manger interviews
-Secondary data analysis
Articles and placement of market
___ Marketing mix
Marketing mix-product
Marketing mix-place
Marketing mix-price
Marketing mix-promotion
Marketing mix-people(consumer)
Marketing mix-process
__Action plan
__business plan
_ cost
_summary of costs
__ appendix one blueprint of fitness center
__ appendix two income statement projection
__ appendix three advertisements(see the attachment)
__ appendix contracts
APA Quick Tips and Referencing/Citing Examples
Here is an attachment with some APA quick tips. I also encourage you to use the Purdue owl APA tutorial posted in the course materials room. I hope this helps! =0)
APA Quick Tips
• Times New Roman or Arial.
• 12 Point only.
• Black ink with no colors.
• Cover page.
• A one page–only, no longer–abstract on papers over 1300 words (an abstract is just a one page overview of the paper).
• A running header which states the assignment.
• Titles to begin each different section of your paper.
• Centering for your titles that are in bold type, and only the first letters are capitalized not the entire title.
• Indent your paragraphs one inch using the tab key set for one inch, not your space bar.
• Use transition sentences between titles.
• And turn on your paragraph symbol that shows all of the space and tab bar entries that you have made. Eliminate all of the extra and not needed tabbing and spacing. Also, left justify your paragraph symbols.
• Only have one space after punctuation marks.
• 2-5 sentences for a paragraph—no more and no less.
• The phrase—and so forth—instead of etc.
• Incite text when quoting or paraphrasing a reference, and follow the book and article examples listed in the course materials room and below.
• An introduction and a conclusion.
• A separate reference page and follow the book and article examples listed in the course materials room and below.
• Only references that you have actually cited in the body of your paper.
• Spell and grammar check to proof your paper.
• Proofing—speaking–out loud, to hear how your paper sounds.
• An outside person to proof your paper.
Do not use:
• No highlighting or backgrounds or emoticons.
• No page number on the cover page (or abstract) and the next page should begin with page 2.
• Do not use the word –page—in front of the page number. However, you should have the page number in the lower right hand corner.
• Do not use contractions, for example: don’t, I’m, wouldn’t, can’t, and so forth.
• Do not emphasis using quotation marks, use a double hyphenation instead, for example, word—word. Also, do not have spaces between the double hyphenation.
APA format, including a reference page
• 2500 words total (and you may have more, there is no limit) (this doesn’t include your subject’s filled out questionnaires, interview responses, cover or reference page.)
• You must do one questionnaire which should include: (at least) 5 closed ended questions, 5 demographic questions, and 1 (Please use only one open ended) open ended question, in that order for your primary research.
• You must tally/explain the results and hand in at least all 5 the subject’s filled-out questionnaires.
• You must write at least 2 peer reviewed (from ProQuest or EBSCO database articles), one page abstracts (no more than one page, since abstracts are only allowed to be one page in length) for your secondary research.
• A one sentence (and only one sentence) mission statement and vision statement.
• Cover page, Table of contents, Executive summary (which is a summary of the total plan in only one page.)
• 4 P’s
• Differentiation (How your have differentiated yourself from the completion.)
• Either the BCG Matrix or the Life Cycle (Where is your product now? Why do you think it is at that stage?)
• Target Market (to be described and must include your demographics).
• Conclusion: you need to answer the question: Should we go ahead with this product according to the results of this plan? Why or why not? Defend your decision. It is okay if the product won’t work at all, or if you have concluded to change something (product or plan), or keep everything as is.

You may include, but do not have to include:
• Resume (Banks expect this in order to give you a loan.)
• Slogan
• Logo
• Public Relations
• Goals
• Colors
• Action plan
• Interviews
• Blueprint of place
• Income statements / (ROI)
• Costs / projections
• Business Plan
• Contracts
• And so forth



Bigwise Electronics will be selling one of the popular products in the market. The company will have ten stores located in different cities in KSA where population is more than 500,000 people. Each store will have two employees. The iPhone 5 has reached the maturity stage which means that Bigwise electronics will not need to spend a lot of funds in marketing activities. The Saudi Arabian market has a lot of growth opportunities but the competition is quite stiff. However, Bigwise Electronics will attain competitive advantage because it will be more flexible and responsive to customers needs compared to Mobily, ATC and Zain.