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Using the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database find one dissertation that investigates the dissertation process including the mentoring process and the role of the dissertation committee. Next, find three dissertations on a subject related to Higher Education Organizational Leadership.

Provide a summary of each of these four documents. At the end of your document include a list of APA-formatted dissertation citations for all four of the dissertations found.


A qualitative study conducted by Cynthia Strite (2007) on Completing the Doctoral Dissertation was deigned to determine the learning strategies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are required by participants in order to complete their doctoral dissertation. Cynthia Strite (2007) also looked at exploring the differences between participants who completed their programs within stipulated four to five years (Group A) and students who took longer than stipulated time (Group B).  Through in-depth interviews, focused group discussions, and critical incident questionnaire, the study delved on understanding specific skills, knowledge, and attitudes participants deemed necessary for them to complete their dissertations and how they acquired these values. Cynthia Strite (2007) also inquired about factors that facilitated or hindered progress in their programs.