Disruptive Technology


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Accord International Inc is a publishing and printing company in Tennessee State in the United States of America. This company has been experiencing external pressures that compel the management to be swift enough in finding solutions. In this company, various publishing and printing services take place. From the company’s business analysis reports, the current services, resources and structure could not be seen in the past. Instead, according to the past annual publications what is currently seen in Accord Inc has been achieved through periodical developments, which are initiated by external market condition. However, the market conditions have also been influenced by technological innovations that take the centre stage in altering their customers’ perceptions (Christensen, 2006). Since Accord Inc majors in the publication of books, journals, periodicals, calendars, magazines, posters, fliers and placards; this company has been enjoying various categories of customers ranging from scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, colleges and politicians among others. It is realized that disruptive innovations in Accord International Inc has been due to continuous technological advances in Information technology and digital technology. This is in line with Utterback (2007b) as the major factors subjecting organizations into disruptive programs.