Discussion Question # 1 & Discussion #2


I. In 275 word answer: What are some strategies and techniques for handling resistant or reluctant staff members.

II. In 275 words answer: While conducting your first interview with a client of another race, older than you or of different gender, you get the feeling that something is bothering the client above and beyond the issues they have brought to get help with. What might it be?
— Does it have anything to do with you, the counselor?
— How will you help the client talk about it?
— How will you put those concerns to rest?


Reluctance and resistance in any working place is a common thing and should always be dealt with before it results to a negative repercussion to the firm. The resistant employee should be trained and managed in away he will change from the reluctance characters. Creative strategies to gain buy-in and cooperation from these reluctant staff members should be used. They should be guided from these negative personalities through change in a manner that shows them change can lead to new opportunities and encourage them to new challenges rather than sink into further negativity.