Discuss The Ways in Which Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee Use Memories, Themes, Obsessions, Language, Situations, Philosophy, and Inter-Family Relationships to Achieve Drama of Psychological Realism and Thereby Answer Their Own Question: “Who Am I


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When it comes to O’Neils’s book “long day’s journey into night”, the theme of memories has been used to pay different roles.  For instance, there a particular portion where the memories are regarded as a burden. This have been illustrated when Mary speaks with a dreadful  fatalism, alleging that nothing that defines who they are can be helped since their past sins and mistakes have defined their current and future statuses irrevocably. Moreover, the past takes the form of past hurts that have gone unforgiven. For instance, there are repeated arguments concerning the same issues within this play, portrayed by Tyrone who dredges up the similar old accusations. This therefore shows that the Tyrones are stuck because they have refused to let go of their past. On the other hand, the memories have also been used as refuge, although in a negative way. Mary utilizes a romanticized recreation of her girlhood as escapist fantasy. For this reason, Mary sinks deeper and deeper into the morphine fog, where is relives her childhood within the Catholic girl’s school. Therefore, Mary uses his memories in a bid to escape his present (O’Neill).