Discuss the Human Resource Function within the Workplace, Suggesting Future improvements


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This essay will discuss the human resource function within the workplace, suggesting future improvements. Particular focus will be on healthcare work settings in Australia. Kabene, Orchard, Howard, et al., (2006), assert that the human resource function cannot be overemphasized in any work setting.  In healthcare, human resources consist of physicians, nurses, dentists, doctors, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, midwives, allied health professionals, social health workers, community health workers, advanced practice registered nurses, as well as other health care providers including health management and support personnel such as health services managers, health economists, medical records and health information technicians, medical secretaries, health supply chain managers, financial officers, drivers, cooks, cleaners, and others (WHO, 2006). As such, HR has a very significant organizational function to enhance efficient and effective service delivery in health care facilities.