Discuss the function and significance of Constance’s red toque in Goodnight Desdemona


brief essay of no more than 300 words

Play: Goodnight Desdemona


The play Goodnight Desdemona was written by Ann-Mae MacDonald in 1988.  In the play, Constance Ledbelly travels through a subconscious journey leading to self-discovery.

In the play Goodnight Desdemona, Constance is dressed like an academic bag lady. This is meant to project Constance’s “mouse” persona and stereotype associated with a timid, unattractive, and sexless loser.  She is dressed in a red toque, which has a lot of significance in the play. The red color is traditionally associated with different strong emotions like passion, aggression, desire, love, and others.   In this text, Constance’s red toque is associated with her inner traits that become evident throughout the play.