The New Haven Firefighters Affirmative Action has not received this kind of attention in a long time. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Santomayor ruled on a case in New Haven CT where there was a claim that the testing used for promotion within the New Haven fire department discriminated against minorities. This is not a law course so the legal details are not interesting here. We want to look at the managerial implications of this morally charged situation. So let’s leave aside the issues of judicial activism and hermeneutics (interpretation) as a creative activity. From a managerial perspective I want to know:

Did the city of New Haven act reasonably in rejecting the test results based on the lack of minority representation?


Be clear about the implications for a diverse workforce, or even the need. Should the city be seeking a demographic to their employees that matches that of the general population to begin with? Consider if this is a legitimate goal in making out your argument about this particular situation. Please write a five page paper and upload it by the end of this module. For some media reaction you can read:


For an excellent legal overview you can read from findlaw.com


For the actual opinion from the court:


http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103289178http://ab cnews.go.com/TheLaw/SCOTUS/Story?id=7393908



Racial discrimination is still major public concern in the United States. Since the abolishment of slavery and end of American civil war, there have been  many struggle aimed at ending racial discrimination in the country but the issues keeps on surfacing in the public limelight now and then.  Racial discrimination pertains to segregation of individuals based on the color of their skin. It is a vice that has for long divided American society, especially in the perceived view of white ethnocentrism.  Although the era of civil rights movements made tremendous progress in forcing enactment of antiracial laws like Civil Rights Act of 1964, there are many areas of weakness in the judicial process that are not clearly codified in the constitutions, and which have been bone of contentions.  The recent case of New Haven Firefighters Affirmative Action has drawn mixed reaction.  The main issue in this case was the ability of the employer to disqualify promotion test when it has been contested as being unfair. Although the final court ruling ruled in favor of the plaint, upholding that the cancellation of the test was in itself an act of discrimination, there are a number of managerial issues that arise from the case.  This paper will look at the managerial issues arising from this case.