Digital media


Describe and discuss through illustrations the complex links between art and new media technologies.

Could present in powerpoint or word format.
Illustrations could be using pencil drawings or clip art.
Please put reference page for images taken from internet.

(Between 100 to 200 words only)


The relationship between art and new media technologies can be considered as symbiotic.   This relationship is symbiotic because it is complementary in nature and interdependent at the same time (Jana &Mark, 2009).   Although this relationship may be perceived from a skewed perception in favor of new media technologies, what many people fail to understand is that developing new technologies is an art by itself, and the developed new technologies play a significant role in enhancing art work.

Traditionally, technology has provided the art field with new tools for expression, but today, the two are closely interconnected with technology playing a role in development of art, and artists working more to develop new technologies to facilitate their trade. Technology keeps on evolving, and development of new technologies depends on complex innovative process.The presentation shows an artistic image of a future computer, which is involvement of art in innovation.  Undoubtedly, innovation is an art by itself too (Gever, 2012). On the other hand technologies enhance the art work (Jana & Mark, 2009). For example, the art of designing new buildings has been enhanced by new computer software as can be seen in the presentation