Digital Marketing for the Printed Cup Company


this need to analysis the company of“Printed cup company”

This video site is provided by the teacher in class name:ZCheng2   password: 65518983c

The teacher also mentioned the“palace” of 4P,you can contact social media,like facebook ,lin to write it. This course nameddigital marketing, the “promotion” of 4P may need to write more.

MK4023 Digital Marketing                                                   Assessment 2/3, 2015/6

An individual report worth 80% of the module’s total marks

Learning Outcomes

This Assessment addresses all the learning outcomes for the module and you will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the achievement of these outcomes in relation to the marketing plan.


You are asked to prepare a digital-marketing plan for a company selected for you by the Module Tutor. The plan needs to provide:

A macro environment analysis including PEST

A micro environment analysis and SWOT

Clearly defined marketing objectives.

Defined target audiences/stakeholders and a positioning strategy

A clearly identified Internet value proposition for identified audiences

Clearly defined digital marketing mix and relationship management tactics

An illustration of how offline and online strategies will be integrated

An implementation plan including evaluation and control mechanisms

An indication of where revenue/benefits will be achieved and where costs incurred

NB a full cost/benefit analysis or budget is not required


Your digital marketing plan should:

Be written in a report format and be suitable for use by the organisation

Provide realistic strategies that can be implemented by the organisation

Address all sections outlined above

Not refer to academic theory but source all secondary data if used

Not discuss how to design and build a web site

Be a minimum of a 2,500 and a maximum of 3,500 excluding appendices


Marking Criteria:

Your plan will be assessed on your ability to fulfil the following criteria:

Demonstrate an understanding of the use of the Internet and related digital

technologies in marketing                                                                                           25%

Clearly identified target market, positioning and strategy                                          15%

Appropriate tactics for client organisation                                                                  35%

Clearly identified implementation plan with evaluation and control                            15%

Overall presentation and layout                                                                                  10%

Submission Details:

Handed Out: In class Week commencing: 1st February 2016

Submission Date: 28th April at midnight

Feedback and Grade: On or before week commencing 19th May 2016

Place of Submission: Submission should be made through eLearn and a paper copy in Dr Nadia Rattoo’s assignment box (Greenbank 2nd Floor).  It is the responsibility of student to keep a copy of their assignments.

Note: Both a digital copy and a paper copy are required.

Late Submission, Cheating, Plagiarism and using unfair means to enhance performance. Extenuating circumstances and poor performance

See Module information Pack


In the recent past, the world has witnessed tremendous growth and development in advanced media and technology where people all over the world have adopted the use of internet and computers and other related devices. Organizations are thus forced to adapt to new ways of marketing their products and services using the new technology and more so the internet marketing. Today, a majority of the people rely on the internet for information about different products and services than the traditional avenues of communicating with the public and the customers. The current global economy is driving everyone always to be on the search for the best deals. The majority of these deals are found on the internet. Therefore, a company needs to come up with a digital marketing strategy to not only enhance its exposure but also to reduce the advertising costs.