Diamond Chemicals


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Comparing the   analysis of the project done by Elizabeth Eustace and Lucy Morris, I would endorse Elizabeth Eustace analysis.  In her proposal about the Rotterdam Projects, Elizabeth’s presents is more detailed, comprise of a 90 pages analysis. This does not only show her grasp of facts about the project but it shows she is well versed with the subject matter. Her presentation also gives a detailed analysis of the right way that should be used to for installation of the pipeline project. She also discusses about the right-of-way for the continuous supply of  propylene gas.  She also discusses the strategic factors that should be considerd. The first strategic factor that she identifies is the cost and output improvements. This will ensure there is reduced cost of production and increased output that will result in a positive balance She argues for her first strategic factor by applying process control technology from Germany concluding that it will lead to lower costs of operation and it will also increase the output. The increase in output will be equal to the ratio of 1.1:1 to process control technology from Japan. The second strategic factor she identify is the need to sieze opportunity by making the company the first major European product  to  implement new technology. According to her statement Diamond Chemicals will become a company leader by  implementing the new technology.  The only way I think the analsysi should be improved is by recommending a renovation of the factor  in order ot ensure more energy is saved.