Development in Adolescence


All responses should reference the textbook and at least two scholarly articles.
Identity development: Describe Marcia’s theory on adolescent identity development. Discuss the role that parents can play in this period that will have a positive effect on their adolescent’s identity development. Using Marcia’s theory, what would a counselor suggest regarding developing a mature identity? Include an introduction and conclusion.

Secondly, offer thoughts to two different learners on the following below citing references.
1st learner: Physical development: Briefly describe puberty. Describe the physical changes that occur in both males and females during this period.
2nd learner: Should juvenile offenders be treated differently than adults?

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James Marcia expands upon the work of Erikson’s concept of the identity crisis vs. role diffusion. Marcia’s theory categorizes four major points along the identity development continuum: diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, and achievement proposed upon conducting identity research. These points describe completely different identity statuses ranging from indeterminate and diffuse personal identity to a clearly defined, as well as highly specific personal identity (Kail, & Cavanaugh, 2000). The theory proposes that the formation of identity in adolescents comprises of two key parts: crisis and commitment (Lerner & Steinberg, 2009).