Developing an Implementation Plan


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Consider the population in which the solution is intended, the staff that will participate, and the key contributors that must provide approval and/or support for your project to be implemented. These stakeholders are considered your audience.

Develop an implementation plan (1,500-2,000 words). The elements that should be included in your plan are listed below:

1. Method of obtaining necessary approval(s) and securing support from your organization’s leadership and fellow staff.

2. Description of current problem, issue, or deficit requiring a change. Hint: If you are proposing a change in current policy, process, or procedure(s) when delivering patient care, describe first the current policy, process, or procedure as a baseline for comparison.

3. Detailed explanation of proposed solution (new policy, process, procedure, or education to address the problem/deficit).

4. Rationale for selecting proposed solution.

5. Evidence from your review of literature in Module 2 to support your proposed solution and reason for change.

6. Description of implementation logistics (When and how will the change be integrated into the current organizational structure, culture, and workflow? Who will be responsible for initiating the change, educating staff, and overseeing the implementation process?)

7. Resources required for implementation: Staff; Educational Materials (pamphlets, handouts, posters, and PowerPoint presentations); Assessment Tools (questionnaires, surveys, pre- and post-tests to assess knowledge of participants at baseline and after intervention); Technology (technology or software needs); Funds (cost of educating staff, printing or producing educational materials, gathering and analyzing data before, during, and following implementation), and staff to initiate, oversee, and evaluate change.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


The objective of this project is to reduce CAUTIs rate at the Northwest Community Hospital (NCH). The hospital was established 5 decades ago and it takes care of 24,000 in-patients and 18,000 inpatient and outpatient cases each year (Northwest Community Hospital, 2011). NCH is a 496-bed hospital and here detailed below is a plan to reduce incidences of CAUTIs in the institution (Northwest Community Hospital, 2011). The paper will rely on the information that is contained in the review and the NCH’s website.


In order for this project to become successful, the necessary approval will be sought from the Board of Directors at Northwest Community Hospital. An initial presentation will be performed to the directors and a task force will then formed. The administrators will also be given evidence based practice model and evidence to support the adoption of silver-coated catheters. It is expected that their input will play a great role in the reduction of CAUTIs among 24,000 in-patients who visit the institution. The task force will be composed of the physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, administrative and support personnel. The task force will formulate a written proposal including the staff education requirements. Once the approval has been obtained, the input of the more than 4,000 workers in the institution will be sought and then the plan will be amended to accommodate their suggestions.