Developing a Routing Plan for Green Globe & Identify how many routers you will need for Green Globe’s network

CASE Projects

Case Project 3-1: Developing a Routing Plan for Green Globe:

In previous chapters, you have planned your project and designed an addressing scheme for Green Globe. In this chapter, you examine your addressing and network segmentation scheme to identify where you need routers. You also formulate a preliminary out line of how those routers will be configured to manage traffic flow through Green Globe’s Network.

Using the documentation you created in chapter 2m determine where you need routers to implement your subnets. You need internal routers (or intelligent switches) for communication between subnets and border routers for connecting to the service providers you researched in chapter 2.

After identifying the physical and logical location for routers, decide what types of interfaces each router needs, Routers are highly customizable, and modules can be added or removed to provide whatever connectivity is required, For example If you have decided a dedicated T1 is the best option for external access you need specialized module (CSU/DSU) to enable that connection, For internal access combinations of switches patch panels and routers are common. Next, create a name for each router, identify the interface on each router m nothing the type of interface, IP address and subnet mask, physical location and name of the segment ma. Make sure you use consistent naming Conventions. For each segment, note the business group served. You might also want to note the security level required for inbound and outbound access.

You might want to diagram the routers interfaces and addresses and use arrows indicating the flow of traffic. A diagram helps you visualize how information moves thorough the network. Remember that you will be revising and saddling to this design as you  Progress, if you’re working on a project team, make sure the work is divided fairly and all team members work together to complete this design. When your routing scheme is finished turn it into your instructor.

Project 3-1

Identify how many routers you will need for Green Globe’s network and where they should be placed.  Give solid reasons for your layout.

Identify the types of interfaces needed for each router – see the Case Project description on pp. 122-123 for more information.

Create names, IP addresses, and subnet masks for each router.  Make sure these are consistent with your IP scheme that you created in Week 1.

Create a diagram of your network so far in Visio.  You will be adding to this as you go along.

Case Project 4-1:

Case Projects:

Case Project 4-1: Creating Draft ACLs for Green Globe’s Routers:

The network design you’re creating for Green Globe needs the router placement refined and some draft ACLs.Using your materials from previous chapters, review the locations where routers should be located. If you haven’t determined where to place routers between internal and external hosts, such as between Servers and the internet, (Remember that you’ll be placing firewalls and IDSs in subsequent Chapters.) You might also have routers between segments, and some segments need routers to meet the project’s requirements.

In a text editor, create a brief chart listing the ACLs you created and explaining the results of each line, having a record of each router’s configurations makes revisions, troubleshooting, and maintenance easier.

Project 4-1

Describe some of the access lists (ACL’s) you will create for the routers on your network and why you would create them.  You need to describe at least 3 ACLs.  You do not have to create the actual ACLs; you just need to describe them and why you are placing them where you are placing them.


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