Develop an online business expansion proposal


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  1. Viability

Meticulous Jewelries has been in operation for the last five years. Within the five years, the business has gained increased number of customers but it has not been able to record expansion beyond its local market because capital requirements.  The business wants to expand beyond the local market. In addition, the business has faced a lot of competition from the new upcoming jewelry dealers in the local market. Going online has been considered as the only avenue to achieve the objective of expansion beyond the local market and overcome competition. Over the last few years the website has become an important resource that is used in different aspect of life from education, employment, government, commerce, healthcare, and in many other areas.  The website has become a critical tool in the dissemination of information and as a medium of marketing communication for businesses.  For a business, there are many reasons why it should have a website (Belew & Elad, 2009). A website makes it possible to communicate with customers throughout day and night, promote and sell products to target customers, adds a professional image to the business, lowers the cost of advertisement, give a competitive edge over the competitors, update and other news instantly, makes communication easier,  and including additional marketing campaigns like  eNewsletter and others. Considering the market demand for jewelries in the offline and offline markets, Meticulous Jewelry would meet customer demands by selling jewelries online. Jewelries are not bulk products and can be easily shipped through mail. By going online, the business will have not only lowered the cost of doing business but also increased customer satisfaction.