Design in English Composition and English Curriculum


This paper is very open, I have restricted the topic to ″Design in English Composition and English Curriculum″ and the word count must be at least 1200 words (around 4 and a half pages). There is a literature review and a blueprint ″heads-up statement″ required; however, I have already completed both and attached them. The rubric/project explanation is very open and don′t bother too much about it. If you do not like the articles or citations, please feel free to add some as long as you cite them. I will include all the articles, of which I have already summarized in the literature review.

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Mastering the English writing skills has many academic, social and economic benefits. Composition scholars and teachers should, therefore, learn about the pleasure and the power of writing. Creativity through engaging local questions and problems may help the composition scholars and teachers create meaningful changes in the lives of those around them. Creation of the digital portfolios enables in the publishing and sharing of the research and writing. Composing in digital environments can help the learners, as well as teachers understand the design as a matter of resolving the wicked problems. According to Melanie Yergeau, Design is an act of embodiment, a relational infrastructure, and reclamation. The construction of the theses statements and the ability to write the essay in multiple genres such as argumentative, explanatory and informational among others assist in the design in composition and English curriculum as learners, teachers and even researchers analyze the literatures on how the authors choice of the literary elements contribute to the purpose of the author.