Describe ethical principles used in health care organizations?

I already have an introduction because someone else did that part so all i need is those questions answered and a conclusion if i send you there work would it make it more easy to follow or you understand what i am trying to say to you

let me know if you understand the assignment and you have the questions again the topic is John Hopkins School of Medicine

the work is for the team i have to do my part and and then take the teams work and put together and make into one i can send you what the others have done if you like so you can just add mind in or i can do that part if you like. also i will need 800 words if you dont want to put it all together and references. just let me know what you want the paper is on John Hopkins school of medicine and the two questions are that i need answer with about 300 words each.

Describe ethical principles used in health care organizations?


The next question is


Explain the relationship between an organization’s culture and ethical decision-making?


I have to answer those two questions about the topic and then i have to do the conclusion.


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