Departing Hotel Guest Questionnaire


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Quality is an element of customer satisfaction. In this regard hotel industry being one of the competitive industries needs to focus on this element since it is the only way to help them remain competitive in the market. In both academic researches and marketing field this topic on customer satisfaction has remained to be a very sensitive issue that demands frequent reviews from time to time. Dimitriades (2006: 231) says that in every business, there are continuous attempts to ensure dominance in the market. This calls for satisfaction on customer expectations (Dimitriades 2006: 238). This is why both local and international hotels put more efforts in trying to gather information from their guests at the time when they are leaving by the use of departing hotel guest questionnaire. In Business (2011: 1), Departing Hotel Guests Questionnaire is regarded as a strong and promising method of carrying out customer surveys due to its convenience especially in service industries like hotel where guests keep on coming and going.