Demonstration of Micro-organisms


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Despite increased use of anti-infection medications, there is high prevalence of microorganisms like bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa, and others which causes various diseases to human, animals, and plants.  Presence of microorganism in different parts of the world is contributed by a number of factors including traveling which takes microorganism from one place to the other, presence of immune compromised patients in hospitals who are easily infected, and finally, the continuous mutation of microorganisms which develops systems resistance to anti-infection drugs. One of the most important strategies in fighting with microorganism is early detection which provides chances for better medical care. Histopathology laboratories are equipped with the most advanced of low TRT per specimen which enable them to use techniques which can detect microorganisms early. Results obtained from histopathology can be used in combination with other results from microbiology, serology, or biochemistry to give accurate results on the case of the disease. Although techniques like formalin fixation and normal tissue process can turn specimen to harmless tissues, there is need to ensure safety to avoid cross infection.