declaration of independece-tj’s draft


prompt: Choose one charge against king Charles the third or a charge against the british people that is mentioned in the declaration of independence. I chose my topic to be on Judges and their loyalty to the king rather than to justice. Paper must be in MLA format and at least 1,000 words. We can use research but can not use more than 5 quotes in our paper. 950 words must be your own words and only 50 words can be quotes. unless you exceed 1000 words then u can add a little more quotes.


In some cases, justice is not effectively administered especially when charges involve royal families. In this case, judges tend to favor the royal family especially the king at the expense of justice. During the declaration of independence most kings in Europe were accused of hurting the citizens in these countries and other crimes (Maitland et al. 34). However, the judges ruling their charges tend to favor them rather than administer justice as it is required. A good example is the case of King Gorge III of England during this time who was accused of disallowing people have places in the parliament or allowing them make their own decisions (Slapper & Kelley 59). In the declaration of independence, the king was accused for being responsible for the burning and destroying people’s homes and that he was responsible for the death of the rebels because of the taxes he introduced (Baker 46). Additionally, the king was accused of being responsible for the loss of crops and all the problems that faced all the colonies in England. However, despite that these charges were enough to sentence and jail the king for the atrocities he observed happening to the people in all the colonies, the court ruled in his favor and hence justice was overlooked (Gordon 68).