Decision-making impassivity and time perception


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Decisionmaking impassivity and time perception

Decision-making impassivity and time perception


The concept of time is very essential when people are making decisions concerning choices that will ring outcomes or rewards. In this case, most people prefer outcomes that are usually received nearer over those which are received in future even though they are bigger. In this case, the aspect of time plays a very significant role ion making decisions on choices. This is because the value of a reward will be lost if that reward take so long before it is received. Basically, rewards that are received sooner are surer than those which are received some time in future. In this case, these are sure versus probable rewards. People would attach more value to quicker rewards or outcomes than they do to delayed outcomes. On this basis, time is a very important element in making decision on rewards. On this basis, individuals will prefer to satisfy their desires at the expense of facing problems in future (Kirby et al 78).