Decision Making | Decision Making in Systems Engineering and Project Management


CHECKLIST Assignment 2 42908 Engineering Project Preparation: Literature Review

  1. My literature review has a research topic that is sufficiently narrow to form the basis of a research project to be completed in the next semester.


  1. My assignment is properly referenced throughout, using both in-text referencing and final reference list.



  1. I have used a minimum of 15 research articles which I have summarised and commented on as part of my literature review


  1. My assignment has an introduction, a literature review, an analysis and discussions and conclusions


  1. The total word count of my assignment is between 2000-2500 words, NOT counting the final reference list







Decision making is a rigorous undertaking regardless of the importance and intensity of the decision to be made. Decision making simply means one has to choose from more than one options and take a course of action.  However, it is not simple as it appears to read because there are different factors that should be considered. Most important, decision makers should understand that the decision made does not only affect the particular issue at hand but goes further to influence other related factors. This is the reason why decision making in system engineering is a challenging because a system has different sub systems that work in tandem with one another (Drummond, 1993). This means that a decision made on one subsystem will affect the  entire system. The decision should therefore be made in consideration of all the interacting factors. Although there is a wide range of literature on decision making, there is little research that has been carried out on decision making, little attention has been paid to the factors that affect the decision making in systems engineering, considering that there are different factors interacting in  a system. Therefore, this research will pay a close attention to literature on decision making pertaining to system engineering and project management.