Dealing with ADHD


As a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, I still have a hard time grasping and understanding that word- ADHD. I wonder if this disorder/thing is real.  According to a report from Gregory K. Fritz, M.D. from Brown University School of Medicine,


““Myth: ADHD does not exist as a real psychiatric disorder; rather, it is an unfortunate labeling of normal childhood behavior promulgated by ineffectual parents, incompetent teachers and the pharmaceutical industry….”


So, I want to research what scientific proof there is, if any, on this disorder. I also want to see if there are any medical professionals who oppose this disorder.


As a parent whose child was diagnosed with ADHD six months ago, I am still grappling with the understanding of this disorder. My greatest worry is, if this disorder is for real or just a fad; an imagined problem. According to Gregory Fitz who is a Medical Director at Bradley hospital, ADHD is non existent as a psychiatric disorder in a real sense, but it is more of a mislabeling of childhood behavior that is actually normal (ADHD Report). This label is promulgated by parents who are ineffectual, as well as pharmaceuticals and teachers who are incompetent. I would like to conduct research to determine if there is, indeed, proof of ADHD as real disorder. The biggest question that one grapples with is whether to medicate or not. There are so many varieties of drugs currently being used to treat ADHD that it often leaves a parent confused about which one is the most effective (ADHD Report)