Daycare versus Stay-at-home parent care


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Today, there is an increasingly heated debate on parenting due to the changing role of the parents (as caregivers) in the current labor dynamics. Today’s labor force has gradually changed from the traditional male-dominated economy (Bornstein, 2002). More and more women have joined paid employment thus comprising their traditional role as primary care-givers to the children and home-keeping. Now, the controversial debate is on whether the mothers should remain at home to nurture children or join paid labor and leave their children to be nurtured in a day care, which has become the rising trend (Tischler, 2013). For instance, sixteen percent of babies under one year and twenty six percent of those between one and two years are enrolled in day care centers. Taking into account family-based day care and nannies, thirty three percent of children under five years are often cared for by non-relatives (Shally-Jensen, 2010).