history of Cyclops
what it is
possible arguments for or against it existing.


The Cyclops was a part of myths in many traditional communities all over the world.  Myths can be defined as creation about something that is usually not true. However myths are important in explaining what human humans don’t understand. It has been argued that myths were used traditionally to referent to phenomenon in the environment which happened beyond human knowledge. However there has been increased scientific research to prove whether some of the myths found in traditional societies were actually true or not. Cyclopes were a part of Greek mythology and has been used extensively in Greek literature (Gill, 2008). However a review of myths from other regions in the world it will be found that Cyclopes were used in reference of powerful beings that had power over humans. It is probable that myths about Cyclops were developed in search of a human subject with power over humans. However Cyclops they were feared by human beings. In this paper we are going to review the myths on Cyclops and presents argument for possible existence of the Cyclops.