customer behavior | Christmas and other celebratory ornaments



Christmas and other celebratory ornaments

Introduction (400 words)
Provide a brief and fully referenced introduction to the report, including:
 Brief overview of Hallmark Cards Australia
 Discussion of the broader product category as well as the Hallmark range
 Logical and clearly profiled consumer segments. Remember to utilise both consumer‐
rooted and consumption‐specific segmentation criteria when developing your
consumer segments (see p. 37 of the Schiffman textbook for more information)
 Clear articulation of the consumer segment you will be targeting (as well as a
justification for your choice)
30 Literature Review (1,350 words)
Provide a fully referenced literature review identifying at least two (2) facilitators and two
(2) barriers to the adoption of the Hallmark product range you have been assigned. More
information about how to identify facilitators and barriers can be found in the ‘Identifying
consumer barriers and facilitators’ section above.
30 Results (1,350 words)
Conduct a laddering interview with four members of your target consumer segment. The
purpose of these interviews should be to test whether the issues you identified in your
literature review do indeed apply to: (i) your consumer segment; and (ii) your assigned
product range.
In this section, make sure that you:
 Clearly identify that the respondents are members of the proposed target market. A
table comparing the respondents’ characteristics to those of the proposed target
market profile may assist in this regard.
 Analyse the responses given by each of your consumer respondents as well as whether
their responses are consistent with the barriers/facilitators you identified in your
literature review. Use direct quotes from your respondent interviews to help illustrate
whether your barriers/facilitators are consistent with the results generated through
your interviews. Also provide hierarchical needs maps for each respondent.
 Identify the marketing implications for Hallmark associated with whether or not your
barriers/facilitators are identified as being present among your target consumer


  1. Most consumers of Christmas and other celebratory ornaments have a big craving to show their status to others. They use the same also to enhance their personality and, therefore, feel higher esteem about themselves. They will thus buy home ornaments as well as personal accessories and decorations to adorn themselves which would drive Keepsake ornaments purchases upwards.