Current Issues


You may select any current issue that affects nursing; however the topic may not be a clinical issue (disease process, procedure, treatment protocol).

A. Introduction & Purpose of Paper (15%)
Identify and define the issue.
Discuss why the issue was chosen and include a plan for developing the issue in this paper.
Outline how this issue directly or indirectly impacts health care policy.

B. Body of the Paper (40%)
Relate the issue to nursing. Show evidence of a literature review by discussing why the issue is important to nursing.
How does this issue influence health care needs of clients and the practice of nursing?
What are the implications for future nursing practice?
Discuss any relevant health care policy related to the issue.
Present relevant literature/statistics that support your issue & attach your research articles to your paper

C. Summary and Conclusion (15%)
Summarize the main points you presented in the body of your paper.
Identify any areas of new learning or ideas that you may have for future study.

D. Spelling and Grammar (10%)
Use complete sentences.
Combine similar thoughts and content into paragraphs.
Paper is free of spelling and typographical errors.

E. Organization of Ideas (10%)
Does your paper make sense?
Do thoughts flow in a logical, organized manner?
Is there a chronology (if appropriate)?

F. APA Format (10%)
APA format is to be used correctly throughout the paper and reference list.


Paper length is 7-10 pages, not including cover sheet and references.
You must use at least 7 journal/article citations.
Paper must be typed, double-spaced and adhere to APA format.


One of the issues that are currently facing the nursing profession is the shortage of nurses.   The biting shortage of nurses has affected staffing and hence the provision of high quality nursing cares.  Currently, there is a high ratio of patient to nurse, with nurses being forced to take care of many patients and working for strenuous hours in order to meet the nursing care demand. Since the second half of the 20th century, the United State has been experiencing a growing shortage of nurses, a situation that has compromised the quality of nursing care in most healthcare facilities.  The main reason why this issue was chosen is because it is currently one of the issues that have attracted attention from different stakeholders including legislators who have been making efforts to put in place a law regulating the ratio of nurse to patients.  The nursing shortage is an issue of concern to all because it has far reaching effects on efforts to deliver high quality health care services.  This means that the issue of nurse shortage and staffing has a direct impact on formulation of current and future healthcare policy.  This study will outline the extent to which the issue of nurse shortage has affected nursing profession, the quality of health care services, and also look into what is being done to address the situation.