Current Issues in Marketing


the following are the requirement, detail to check the file of “Assignment 2 Report.docx”.

Assignment instructions

  • Write report to be presented to the marketing manager or CEO of a commercial company explain the current trend in marketing which you believe the company would benefit from adopting or integrating into their business.
  • Include in the report cover page, table of content and an executive summary.
  • Explain the trend using research and examples of its application in a commercial setting.
  • Highlight the benefits and possible drawbacks of the application of the trend to the business.
  • Suggest ways to integrate the trend into the business’s current marketing strategy.


Format: an original Word-processed Times New Roman 12 point, 1.5 spacing, headings & subheadings, expression, grammar, spelling, punctuation, professional look (nicely inserted images). All external material must be referenced including websites according to the ECU referencing guide. All submissions are individual and will be submitted through Turnitin to check the originality of the work.


Document Format (suggested)

Cover page with your name and student number and the name of the business you are writing about

1.Executive summary

2.Table of contents

3.Explanation of the trend or strategy from current research

4.Examples of its application in a commercial setting

5.Explain how it can be impellent by the company you have selected

6.The benefits and possible drawbacks of applying this trend to the business

7.Summarise the ideas and proposal.


Marketing refers to the process by which products or services are created and then priced, promoted, and distributed to customers (Kotler, Jain & Maesincee, 2002).  Large corporations often roll out marketing before product manufacturing (Porter, 2013). Marketing involves several things including market research and product development, designing, as well as testing.  Marketing strategies are usually developed following the determination of consumer needs (Smilansky, 2009).  Marketing strategy contributes significantly towards developing a company’s corporate strategy which directly focuses on satisfying customer needs and effectively fulfilling their wants and demands. Further, marketing is also essential for business development (Porter, 2013).