Current Issues Affecting Special Education


1. Choose 20 resources Of those 20 sources, at least 5 sources should address multiculturalism as it relates to your topic. At least 75% of the sources must be from peer-reviewed journals.

2. Annotate each source with one paragraph, approximately 150 words.

3. Answer the following questions for each source:
• What are the source’s main points?
• Why is this source relevant to your research?


Persons living with disabilities live segregated from others – whether in separate classrooms, recreational facilities, sheltered workplaces, and congregated housing areas – where their impact continues to be felt by societies, as a financial burden. Research studies have demonstrated that 50 percent of the learners with disabilities graduate at the high school level with a diploma. Twelve percent is arrested during their life – for some issue which could be linked to their disabled nature. Only 13 % of them independent lives and approximately 4 percent are employed within a period of 2 years after their high school graduation. This shows that society has not done everything to include persons with special needs. The special education program in operation has been a failure, therefore, there is a need to further include and integrate students with disabilities into mainstream life.