current health article


who wrote the article,piece of information? what newspaper source did the article come from?
ii. who is the information directed at(ex: age group, people with certain health issues)?
What is/are the main/key point?
When was the information printed/date?
ii. when does this issue apply (ex:after someone is diagnosedwith diseoase, after someone dies of a specific cancer)?
Where is the most prevalent/likely to happen ( country, state,region,college campus, school., etc)?
Why did you choose to read this information?
ii. Why is this an issue to be concerned about?
How does this affect your life?
ii. How do you think this problem should be handled?
What did you know about this topice before you read it?
WHAT did you want to know? What did the article tell you about the topic?
What did you learn from reading this information?


This article was written by Anahad O’Connor and was published in the New York Times.  The information is directed towards the general public, especially the people with diabetes,   and also the academicians and health care practitioners. The main information presented in the article is the ineffectiveness of weight loss surgery in combating diabetes in the long term. This information is current because it was printed on 28th November, 2012.