culturally diverse essay | Managing Culturally Diverse Workplaces:


Assessment 1: Research Paper
Type: Assignment – Research-based Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3
Due Date: 30 Aug 16 12:00 Week 6
Weight: 40%
Marked out of: 100

Task Description:

(2) What is productive diversity? Using a case study from either the tourism or
hospitality industries demonstrate how productive diversity would
operate in the industry of your choice and comment on the advantages of productive
diversity in the selected case. How would industry evaluate the successes (or
failures) of productive diversity?


In the present day of increased globalization, cultural diversity has significantly increased. Known as ‘cultural pluralism’, majority of the national cultures across the globe have been brought together by the new homogeneous economic systems where majority of the workplaces feature heterogeneous people. This has created a greatly competitive market especially in the tourism industry where embracing cultural diversity gets linked to the productivity of a travel firm. This existence is termed as ‘productive diversity’, an aspect that this paper seeks to define and explore by examining a tourism case study on bilingual and cultural skills in the Australia tourism industry  to showcase its utmost usage, benefits and success in propelling the tourism industry to prosperity.