culturally diverse essay | Discrimination prejudice and racism in the hospitality industry


(2) What is productive diversity? Using a case study from either the tourism or
hospitality industries demonstrate how productive diversity would
operate in the industry of your choice and comment on the advantages of productive
diversity in the selected case. How would industry evaluate the successes (or
failures) of productive diversity?

Whilst the contents of the paper will vary to suit the topic and will be determined by
you, the paper will include the following:
1. an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
2. definitions of key terms using relevant literature.
3. a demonstration of critical analysis of the existing literature (e.g., samples of
journal articles, book references and media). Include at least six references in
your reference list and at least two of the six references should be journal
articles. Use APA 6 referencing style
4. an ability to apply concepts to examples from either the tourism or hospitality
5. a demonstration of the appropriate use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and


In the recent past, the world has witnessed greater interaction and cooperation of people. In this regard, diversity management has become an important aspect as failure to manage it results to failure of the business. Diversity brings people of different backgrounds and culture together and, as such, proper measures must be put in place to manage these people and ensure coexistence (Singal 2014, p. 15). The hospitality industry deals with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Some of the common negative aspects that come with diversity in the hospitality industry are discrimination, prejudice and racism (Boella and Goss-Turner 2013, p. 75). This calls for proper management of diversity as this is a crucial aspect for success in the industry. In this paper, discrimination, racism and prejudice aspects of diversity management will be delved into giving examples of real cases in the hospitality industry. The paper also gives strategies that can be used to alleviate these negative aspects of diversity management in the hospitality industry. An evaluation strategy that can be used in measuring the success of the strategy to reduce cases of discrimination, racism and prejudice will be given.