Cultural Diversity/Ethnic Group and Discrimination


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Naturally, human beings have existed in close knit groups which share some common practices or culture.  An ethnic group is therefore particular group of people occupying a certain geographical region and sharing some similar aspects of culture. Since the era of colonization, there has been increased mixed up of ethnic groups and cultures and in any one single city in the world, there will be more than one ethnic group coexisting together.  One of the regions in the world that has a great cultural diversity is American. Since the discovery of New Land by Columbus, the American dream led to influx of people from all over the world leading to a mix up of cultures and ethnic groups.  Today United States is one of the most ethnic diverse regions in the world.  However, this mix up of culture brought about social stratification and inequality where the minority groups were discriminated in the society. It was only after years of struggle of human rights movements, and others that some form of equality can at last be seen in the country. In this paper, I want to describe the discrimination of my ethnic group. Being an Irish American, I have seen systematic oppression and discrimination of my ethnic group which I want to describe in this paper.