Cultural Diversity: How does it impacts team Performance & the challenges it poses to organisations


1. TOPIC: Cultural Diversity: How does it impact on team performance and what challenges does it pose
to organisations
1. Introduction (750 words what is cultural diversity & Performance)
2. Research Question 250 words
3. Research Rationale 350
4. Theoretical Framework 500
5. Research Purpose 300
6. The Literature Review chapter 5000
7. Methodology Chapter 1000
8. Project Implementation (using survey base on people with experience working in teams, the analysis is with SPSS
9. Findings and discussion
10. Conclusion and Recommendations
11. The Self Analysis/Post-script


The definition of the term diversity is less controversial, although it has different meanings depending on the scope and context of application (Patrick & Kumar, 2012). However, there is a general consensus that diversity refers to the aspect of having variations. Diversity implies having a variation of something (Davies, Tropp, Aron, Pettigrew & Wright, 2011; Paulus, Vos & Parthasarathy, 2009).  Patrick and Kumar (2012)  also defines it as a set of conscious practices that relates to  understanding and appreciating the existing interdependencies of humanity, cultures and even the natural environment.  The author expounds it further to refer to the aspect of practicing mutual qualities and experiences that are different from one individual to another.  Diversity does not only include the ways of being but it also infers to the ways of knowing.  This means that it doe not go beyond the mere level of existence only, but also includes level of appreciating the personal, cultural, and the institutionalized discrimination that it is likely to create as well as sustained a number of privileges and disadvantaging others.