Cuban Immigration To America


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Cuba is one of the small islands that surround the United States. it is located in the northern rim in eth Caribbean region.  Compared to others, Cuba is the larges of all the Antilles Islands. Cuba is one of the remaining socialist states and has been under the leadership of Fidel Castor and recently his brother Raul Castor took over after Fidel health failed him.  Fidel Castro has been in leadership since 1959 after overthrowing Dictator Fulgencio Batista. According to Wasem (2006) Cuba has maintained a close link with the Soviet Union during the cold war which pitted its relationship with the United States. The principle economic product is sugar. Although having a bitter relationship with Cuba, United states of America retain a large military presence in the Island at Guatanamo bay which of late has been on the highlight as interrogation and detention center for terrorism suspects.