Cruise Ship Industry



curise ship Assignment


A cruise ship, also referred to as a cruise liner, is a passenger ship that is used for tourism purposes.  It is a passenger ship that travelsmainly for pleasure voyages, in which the voyage and the amenities provided in the ship make up crucial part of the tourists’ experience (Butler, 2010).  The ship docks on different ports of call along the voyage, making it possible for the tourists to have varied experiences of different destinations. Apart from voyages that include calls on ports of call, there can also be voyages that cruise to nowhere, in which the cruise ship makes a voyage for days without docking on any port of call (Munsart, 2015). Cruise ship tourism is   creating a new experience for most tourists, and this can be evidenced by the growing number of passengers who are booking cruise ship voyages. Its contribution to the overall revenues in the tourism industry is growingwith the growing number of passengers. This study seeks to understand the cruise ship industry well through a review of cruise ship within the larger tourism industry and a further review of two cruise liners.