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Assignment 1 is a 2000 word Essay on the Cruise Industry
This assignment comprises 20% of the course assessment and it comprises a study of a Cruise
Line nominated by you. The assignment is to be submitted in Blackboard through Turnitin
which will generate a similarity report, by 1.30pm on Friday 31 March (Week 5). You will also
need to print out the first page of this report and attach it to a HARD COPY of your
assignment which is due before the start of class in Week 5.
Please note that assignments will not be accepted after the due time under any circumstances.
If you have not completed your assignment by the scheduled time, then please hand in the draft
of your work as evidence of the contribution you have made on it throughout the semester. Its
format is hard copy, 2000 words, 12 point font, 11⁄2 line spacing. Figures, maps, tables and
photographs are encouraged for illustrative purposes and all pages should be numbered.
Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes
The following graduate attributes will be developed in this assignment – Enterprise, Initiative
and Creativity; Professional Knowledge; and Communication.
Before attempting to answer this assignment you are expected to have read some of the
suggested cruise books. You should also have searched for appropriate information in the
library, have read several other texts or papers on the topic, and be familiar with general
assignment writing guidelines. Please note that overall I am looking for your own thoughts,
ideas and understanding of the topic. Therefore, please demonstrate this in your answer rather
than just copy out notes and/or lots of quotes.
Assignment Instructions
This essay should present your understanding of cruise tourism. The assignment should be
written up in approximately three distinct parts. The first should introduce the cruise ship
industry within the context of tourism generally. The second part will comprise an overview of
the TWO major cruise corporations Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises. The
third part of the essay should provide an overview of ONE particular cruise line of your choice.

Lecturing on Cruise Ships

Left: Metropolitan Touring’s La Pinta (Galapagos, 2015); Middle: Oceania Cruises
Marina (Pacific Ocean, 2015); Right: Oceania Cruises Regatta (Alaska, 2016)

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TSM3104 Cruise Ship Tourism 15
Marking Guide
TSM3104 Cruise Ship Tourism: Assignment 1 – Cruise Line Essay
Name: Mark: / 20 Grade:
COVERAGE – Depth and Breadth of Report 6 MARKS
Introduction – topic clearly defined and introduced
Cruise ship industry described
Overview of two major cruise corporations
One cruise line described in detail
Conclusions – topic concluded and reviewed well
Cruising placed in context of the Tourism
Corporations compared and contrasted
In-depth appraisal of one cruise line
Evidence of original thinking on the subject
Integration of information from websites,
literature and lectures
Demonstrated creativity in report approach
PRESENTATION – Language and Conventions 5 MARKS
Essay Style – title page, contents page,
introduction, main body and conclusions
Sound spelling and grammar, page numbers
Length – approximately 2000 words
Figures referred to in title and text by figure
number, with appropriate sources identified
References cited include text book and other
academic works from the Annotated Reading List
Overall presentation appealing and ‘professional’

Ross Dowling April 2017

School of Business & Law

TSM3104 Cruise Ship Tourism


A cruise ship, also referred to as a cruise liner, is a passenger ship that is used for tourism purposes.  It is a passenger ship that travelsmainly for pleasure voyages, in which the voyage and the amenities provided in the ship make up crucial part of the tourists’ experience (Butler, 2010).  The ship docks on different ports of call along the voyage, making it possible for the tourists to have varied experiences of different destinations. Apart from voyages that include calls on ports of call, there can also be voyages that cruise to nowhere, in which the cruise ship makes a voyage for days without docking on any port of call (Munsart, 2015). Cruise ship tourism is   creating a new experience for most tourists, and this can be evidenced by the growing number of passengers who are booking cruise ship voyages. Its contribution to the overall revenues in the tourism industry is growingwith the growing number of passengers. This study seeks to understand the cruise ship industry well through a review of cruise ship within the larger tourism industry and a further review of two cruise liners.