Crude Oil


Coal is a natural resource that is considered to be very important to the sustainability.
Using the Triple Bottom Line Approach and implementation of the PAT equation created by Hardin gives us a method of deciding which projects to pursue and which to cancel.


address the following:
1.What is the current problem/issue associated with this resource;
2.Discuss the need for a sustainable development of this resource;
3.With the help of an appropriate example, discuss the process of environmental impact assessment of a project that might impact this resource;
4.What is role of government and or the private sector in managing the sustainability of this natural resource;
5.Using both local and international perspectives of sustainably managing this resource, discuss the:
2.Strengths; and


Energy has become one of the most concerns in the 21st century. The need for energy has continued to increase and it has become difficult to meet this demand. Coal is poised to be one of the most important sources of energy but it is facing the challenge of environmental impact.   To ensure that coal becomes an important source of energy in the world, it is important to put in place a framework for sustainable coal mining. The government should play more roles in regulation of coal mining and ensure environmental impact assessment is carried out first.