Crowd Funding and Social Media Marketing


Assignment 12.1: Launch Email
 Assignment
Using the project for which you are developing a social media campaign for this class, write an email message that announces the launch of your project’s crowdfunding campaign.
This email should be treated as a mass email written to your immediate circle of friends and fans. Personalize the email and mention the key selling points of the project. Also include an “ask,” which tells the reader what you want them to do next.
You can use the sample email in this module as a guide if you wish, but you must make the language your own. This email should reflect you and your project in the most favorable light. It should also encourage people to take supportive action while providing them with compelling reasons to do so.
NOTE: Typically you would include a link to your crowdfunding project page within the email. It’s OK if you have not yet created an actual project page—just create a fictitious link as if it were the real thing. The link does not have to be live. Also, do specify which crowdfunding site you intend to use. Any crowdfunding platform is appropriate, but choose the one you feel would be most appropriate for your particular project.

This is from all my other work you guys did back on Nov 4 so this is part of that work. Thanks.


I humbly salute you and hope that this email finds you well. I would like to invite you to participate in the making of a new film that am shooting. As you all know, I have a big passion for filmmaking. Thefilm is a dark comedy type called Histotech, and it involves a young Harvard graduate named Susan, working as a Histotechnologistin Chicago’s biggest and most respected hospital.Susan turns workplace’s uncomfortable situations magically into enjoyable experiences. She is sometimes subjected to unfair treatment, remarks and plots by her colleagues since she is the youngest in the hospital. However, Susan responds in a unique way by handling them in way that brings them to her side.