Critical Thinking writing prompt


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In this story, there are different characters that can be held morally responsible for death of Marie. Each character played a different role, but there is one who plays the major role, who can be held overall responsible for the death of Marie. Marie was promiscuous, Pierre ignored of Marie at her hour of need, while the ferryman wanted Marie to respect the terms of his business.  Of all the characters,   Pierre is morally responsible for the death Marie.

Pierre has the highest moral responsibility for the death of Marie because he refused to give her a franc to pay the ferry man, while he was in a position to do so. Pierre was in a position to give Marie a franc to pay the ferryman, but he ignored her please thinking that she was taking advantage of him. Pierre understood Marie’s situation very well, and he knew she had to reach home before her husband arrived. Pierre had spent the night with Marie, and knowing that she was married, he had the moral obligation to ensure that she arrived home early before her husband arrived. If he gave her the franc, she would have paid the ferryman and taken the short and safe route home. His assumption that Marie was taking advantage of him was the ultimate reason why Marie had to take the long route through the murder’s forest.